2018 France Home and Away Football Shirt

According to the related source, the latest 2018 France football shirts has been manufactured by Nike. Different from the previous concise France football kits, the latest football kits are printed with black stripes on the front and back. The color scheme of away football shirts consist of white and black. The red Nike swoosh and club crest are knitted on the right and left chest respectively. The areas under arms are spliced with ventilate panels, helping footballers excluding interferences and keep their body cool and dry.

The latest France home and away jerseys are varied in base color. The home jersey follows the tradition of the France side, taking royal blue as their main color. The V-shaped collar are decorated by blue and black stripes in different widths, adding energy into the blue jersey. The white Nike Swoosh and white chicken are woven on the right and left chest respectively. The biggest discrepancies between the latest home and away shirts of France side is the stripes on back. Different with away jersey, the back of home jersey is purely blue without any pattern. Similar to away jersey, the royal blue home jersey of France national football team are spliced with ventilate panels under the areas of arms.

Nike and FFF have declared to expand their cooperative relations while new contract will take into effect from 2018 till 2026. Nike will continue providing various devices for France national football team. The supports to mature football of France side is also a part of new contract.

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