Replica Portugal Men’s Home and Away Shirts

The main colors of new Portugal home and away shirt are red and green respectively. Spliced with dark wine sleeves, the entirely new Portugal home shirt unveiled in 2016 is predominately red. Green stripe is knitted onto back collar. The whole front is decorated by white logo of Nike and shirt badge, leaving a concise and elegant impression to people.

The words “courage” and “nation” are knitted on cuffs of Portugal football shirt, aiming at extoling its national pride.


The away football shirt of Portugal football team is predominately green, leaving a clear and cool impression to people. Besides clever tailoring, it is striking for dark blue cuffs, forming sharp contrast with front. Except for logo of Nike and shirt badge, the front is purely green.

Having been made by breathable anti-perspiration fabric, the high-performance football shirts will help players in excluding interferences and focusing on competitions. Dri-FIT material plays an important role to keep players dry and comfortable. High-performance breathability for football shirt will help players in excluding interferences and focusing on competition.


High-quality Russia Men’s Home and Away Shirts

As a powerful nation in the world, football shirts of Russia contains national pride and modern touch. The combination of new football shirt is popular among loyal fans of Russia national football team. Inspired by its national flag, the color and design are consistent that of national flag.

The outlined two-head eagle topped with three golden crowns and golden logo of Adidas are printed on football shirt, leaving concise, clear and elegant impression to people. It symbolizes the common values of Russian – courage, union and freedom.


Symbolic three stripes for triumph haven’t appear on shoulder for the first time with striking three red stripes decorated side of football shirt.

Although different in colors and some design details, the new away football shirt of Russia is predominately white, leaving a concise, clear and elegant impression to people.

The unique character of Russia football shirt is abstract grey two-head eagle. Red stripes running the length of football shirt and on the end of cuffs are striking and they are easily could be recognized.


Latest Spain Men’s Home and Away Shirts

After browse many football shirts online, I decided to purchase both home and away shirts of Spain. Designers endow rich history and modern touch to new Spain football shirt. Not only the color, but also cultural connotation are factors promoting me to make this decision. Inspired by the Spain football shirt unveiled in 1994, “delta pass” decorative pattern is adopted by the new home shirt on the front.


The highlight of away football shirt of the Spain national football team is “hot spot map” on the façade, symbolizing the extension of those crazy and exciting moment. Symbolic three stripes for triumph haven’t appear on this football shirt for the first time. Noticeable three red stripes appear on side of body, bringing new visual experience to all people.

Football kit manufactured by Adizero technology is 10% lighter the than previous football kit. The whole back of football shirt adopts ultra-ventilate fabric aiming to release heat in sports event quickly, following the trend of modern football.

Switzerland Men’s Home and Away Shirts | Fc Kingdom

Switzerland national football team has achieved great success in the past years. New Switzerland football shirt follows its tradition, adding horizontal stripes to front, back and cuffs. It is spliced by two parts textile, leaving a concise and fashionable impression to people. Seams on shoulder are replaced by white stripes. Special textile with small mesh endows the home football shirt high heat-dissipation performance.

Three white logos are printed on chest. New white home shorts with red decorative stripes match red socks with white stripe knitted on the end of socks.


The design of new away football shirt is entirely different with that of new home football shirt. Red Puma cat and shirt badge are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. A white cross-shaped logo is printed at the center of front, taking red horizontal stripes as foil. Many gradually changed red stripes are printed on the low part of the front.

Front and back of new football shirt is manufactured by the latest ACTV Thermo-R technology strategically to help players keeping the optimum temperature at sports events. Interior stripes could massage your body slightly, helping players performing well and supplementing energy in short time.